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Welcome to Learn Survival Skills.org!
Here you will find a diverse offering of customized personal workshops and innovative training, consulting and display services, that meet the growing interest in authentic primitive survival skills.

Demonstration of a bow drill, the ancient way of making fire by friction.

Primitive survival skills are the life sustaining arts and practices that have supported mankind since our birth. Yet today these skills have all but vanished. Now more than ever these ancient ways can help bring back an age old sense of belonging, independence, self confidence and gratitude for nature and the earth's resources in this modern age.

I strive to provide as many teaching and demonstration methods as possible, believing that it is essential to adapt these old ways to the technology, limited scheduling and location demands that we all face to day.

To all that are curious as to how our ancestors once lived, I invite you to explore this site to see how primitive survival skills can enrich your life and interests.

    Simon Mayer
    Director of Learn Survival Skills.org


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:: Why these Skills are Important ::

Have you ever wondered how our ancestors lived before modern technology existed? Have you ever asked simple questions like, what would happen if my car broke down out of cell phone range on a desert or mountain road? Or what would I do if I got lost on a day hike and had to stay overnight in the wilderness? Would you know what to do if an unexpected snowstorm left you stranded on a weekend camping trip?

Unfortunately many people would not be able to survive through these situations. There are countless stories of people who have disappeared or died, simply because they didn't have basic outdoor survival skills. This is very unfortunate and disconcerting because the skills of survival were once common sense to all people. Cars, houses, heaters, computers, cell phones and so many other essential commodities in our lives are very recent additions when considering humankind’s history. Somehow for thousands of years, humans were able to get by quite well with out these conveniences. But in our modern life one rarely sees any sign of the people or skills that represent this old way of living. In fact, most people believe that it isn't’ even possible for them to survive off a wild landscape, using only what nature provides.

As hard as it is to believe, at one point in history all of our ancestors contently lived off of the land with only ancient knowledge of how to make tools and utilize the earth's resources. With this knowledge, I believe that anyone who has the desire to learn can ultimately live, thrive and flourish off most landscapes without the aid of modern tools or technology. This knowledge represents the ancient wisdom of all of our ancestors and the universal art of survival.

I have spent over ten years practicing and honing my survival skills. My practice has taken me to wild areas around the country and has even flourished at home in my backyard. After spending time learning and teaching with mentors, friends and students I have concluded that the best way to learn these skills is through teaching in a small, customized and hands on learning environment. Every one learns in different ways and at different paces. It is my intent run primitive survival skill experiences that accommodate the needs of all students. These programs are adaptable to most abilities locations and time frames. It is my goal to understand your learning process and form an experience that is a challenging, empowering and successful adventure.

In every program, I share these authentic skills with thanksgiving and respect for all of the people over the ages who have dedicated their lives to the preservation of this ancient wisdom and for the earth and all of gifts and resources upon which we depend, no matter how we live.

For More Information about Wilderness Survival Skills, Please Continue to the Programs and the Activity Guide. Also, feel free to peruse the gallery, which contains pictures of past programs, crafts and activities.


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